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Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
The University of Chicago

Participating Institutions Frequently Asked Questions

What is a participating institution?

Any institution other than Northwestern University, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Children’s Memorial Hospital, the University of Chicago, Comer Children’s Hospital and
La Rabida Hospital is considered a participating institution.

What are the benefits of being a participating institution?

Participating institutions have direct access to their own institution’s database. This information is useful for program planning and assessment, generating reports and recruiting for research studies. Participating institutions are not charged for participant recruitment from the entire database via the CPRR coordinator.

Is there a fee to join the CPRR?

A nominal administrator yearly fee is required for maintenance and improvements to the CPRR.

Can we revise the online questionnaire?

Participating institutions will be able to add a limited amount of site-specific variables to the questionnaire. Details pertaining to this benefit needs to be discussed with the CPRR coordinator.