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Research Studies Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to participate in research studies?

No. You will be notified of research studies that you qualify for but it is up to you to contact the researcher to enroll or get more information unless you give additional permission for researchers to directly contact you.

What are the benefits of participation in research studies?

There are several different types of research studies that you could be asked to participate in. All studies will have the same common goal - to improve the lives of people with cerebral palsy. Sometimes participating in research studies might have a direct benefit to you and/or your child. These studies include studies that test new drug therapies, intervention equipment or treatment programs. Other times participating in research studies will have no direct benefit to you and/or your child but will assist with future interventions or public policy. Examples include questionnaires, small group discussions and basic science studies. These studies are very important in discovering what medical, developmental and social issues a person with cerebral palsy experiences and how these issues can be resolved.

How often will I be notified of research studies?

This depends on the number of studies being conducted that match your profile.

What kinds of research studies are there?

Research studies vary and can range from answering a questionnaire to performing activities with robotic devices. Sometimes studies compensate you for your time.

Questions you should consider asking a researcher:

There is a lot of information that is provided when thinking about about enrolling in a research study. Here is a list a questions you might want to consider asking your research team:

Participants and Research Study Questions