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Researcher Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for using the Cerebral Palsy Research Registry?

If you are not associated with Northwestern University, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago or the University of Chicago or a participating institution of the Cerebral Palsy Research Registry, there is a $10.00 per name fee per study request.

How can the Cerebral Palsy Research Registry assist with participant recruitment?

The CPRR has assisted researchers in grant proposals and pre-IRB statistics regarding participant recruitment. After your study is IRB approved and accepted by the CPRR Study Committee, a letter and your flyer is mailed to appropriate CPRR participants.

Will the Cerebral Palsy Research Registry send me names and contact information of persons that meet my study’s inclusion criteria?

No. Identifiable data is not released unless specifically requested by the participant. It is up to the participant to contact the researcher if he/she is interested in the study.

What kind of data is available to researchers?

Researchers can request non-identifiable data from the CPRR. All identifiable data is reserved for the CPRR coordinator unless specifically requested by the participant.