Recruiting for your study is a simple process with the CPRR.

First, please fill out the Request Information form – it can be completed at any stage of your project. The CPRR study committee will review your project.

If you are in the pre-IRB phase, we can provide you a letter of support to use the CPRR for recruitment and a summary of the number of individuals that may qualify for your study.

If you have IRB approval and have signed the researcher contract, we will send a letter and your flyer to participants that fit your inclusion criteria. Participants will chose whether or not to get more information about your study; if they agree, we’ll let you know their name and how to get in touch.

Researchers affiliated with a participating institution are able to use this service without cost. If you are not associated with a participating institution, we will charge a small fee to help offset the administrative costs of notifying participants about the study.

Contact us if you'd like to learn more.


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