If you know someone with cerebral palsy, we'd appreciate you sharing information about the CPRR with them.

If you are a therapist, physician, or other specialist who works with individuals with CP we hope you'll consider letting them know about this project. If you are part of a support network, please share this resource. If you are a member already and can make sure your healthcare providers, teachers, and colleagues know that would be wonderful. You can do this by sharing this website or the join link directly. Follow us on Twitter for updates about studies we are sharing with the CPRR community.

Or, you can share or fill out paper forms below:

1: Choose the most appropriate consent document.

Consent for parents of minors
Consent for adults with cerebral palsy
Consent for guardians of adults unable to consent themselves

2: Complete ONE survey plus ONE motor exams form, selecting the ages for each that are most approriate for the the registrant (person with cerebal palsy).

Survey 18+ years
Survey 0-17 years
Motor exams 18+years
Motor exams 12-17 years
Motor exams 6-11 years
Motor exams 4-5 years
Motor exams 2-3 years

3: Once complete, mail the completed forms to

Theresa Moulton, CPRR Coordinator
Northwestern PTHMS
645 North Michigan Ave Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60611


Thank you in advance for participating and spreading the word about the CPRR!

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